The Mysteries Of The Malt Tour

An Introduction To Your Tour

At High Sea Spirits it is our mission to treat you to the spirit of whisky in a weekend.

On our tour you will visit some of the best distilleries in the world. Starting on the North Coast of Ireland and travelling to the island of Islay, our VIP package includes all transport, a one-night stay in a boutique north coast hotel and a number of whisky tastings. There is simply no tour quite like it!

Sam MacDonald

High Sea Spirits brand ambassador

The Mysteries Of The Malt Tour

Visit Bushmills

Experience a VIP tour of Bushmills, the world’s oldest distillery.

De-bung and siphon your dram from an exclusive cask of Bushmills Singe Malt. With High Sea Spirits you will be given a personal tour of the beautiful distillery.

Bushmills, County Antrim

1 Day Boat Tour of Islay

Travel the Sea of Moyle in style

High Sea Spirits will take you across to Islay in a 1.5-hour experiential boat trip. On board High Sea Spirits Ambassador Sam MacDonald will conduct a Dal Riada whisky tasting.

Ballycastle, County Antrim

Discover Islay's Whisky

Experience VIP tours of Islay distilleries

Once on the island you will be taken to two of Islay's distilleries for VIP tours. You will get access to the warehouse along with private tastings of their most prized casks.

Islay, Scotland

1 Night Stay in Boutique Hotel

Relax after a long day of whisky discovery.

Our tour includes a one-night bed and breakfast stay in boutique North coast hotel. Perfect to put your feet up and reflect on a day of whisky discovery.

North Coast

Transfer Transport

With High Sea Spirits you will be picked up in a luxury coach from the airport and left off in equal style.

All transport in Ireland and Islay will be covered.

Belfast, County Antrim

Discover the Spirit of Whisky

Book your comprehensive whisky tour of the North Coast of Ireland & the island of Islay.

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