North Coast of Ireland

Where the Story Begins

It was here that the first evidence of human habitation was found & here that the earliest record of distillation of spirit was handed down from the 6th Century.

A natural habitat of barley with a perfect climate for maturing in casks, it is little wonder that this is also the neighbourhood of the world’s oldest licensed distillery, Bushmills.

Nestling in a coastal village of the same name, Bushmills is only nine miles from the port used by High Sea Spirits to help you explore the world of whisk(e)y. It also boasts a Single Malt that is uniquely Irish, a style that ages particularly well allowing Bushmills to bottle some of Ireland’s oldest single malt.

Across the short distance to the west is Inishowen, that 6th century home of the distilling craft. From the small-scale cottage craft of producing Ireland’s Poteen (or póitín), by the 19th century that had been upscaled to production at Watt’s in Derry City which became the world’s largest distillery.

This is Dal Riada, a land of spiritual essence and breath-taking scenery, a place to relish and enjoy your dram with High Sea Spirits.

The Island of Islay

Scotland's Whisky Island

The island of Islay boasts eight distilleries most of whose spirit adheres to the island's peaty character. Distillation was discovered here not long after Ireland!

The island's distilleries hug the coastline and much of their flavour belongs to the sea. There is no better way to enjoy Islay therefore than by boat!

Only 30 miles from Ballycastle, the distilleries of Laphroaig, Lagavulin and Ardbeg are all on the south coast. High Sea Spirits will drop you at their doorstep!

Interchange between the north coast of Ireland and Islay has gone on since their first human habitation. Through commerce and human migration the Sea of Moyle has acted as a gateway from one community to the other.

Ireland may boast the reputation as the inventor of whisk(e)y, but Scotland’s island of Islay may well lay claim to the drink's perfection of territorial distinction!

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