Our Manifesto

By Sam MacDonald on Wed 25th Jan 2017

Sam MacDonald

At High Sea Spirits we are committed to promoting the world’s most historically accurate whisk(e)y-producing region, the Kingdom of Dal Riada.

Incorporating the northern coastal area of Ireland and the western isles and highlands of Scotland, this is a small geographical area. Yet historically it was the home of the powerful Lordship of the Isles, the medieval centre of the Gaelic civilisation in Scotland and Ireland. Today it incorporates whisk(e)y’s birthplace, as well as the prime examples of its perfection and modernity.

At High Sea Spirits, we aim to de-bunk traditional misconceptions of whisk(e)y’s ‘nationality’. We would much rather celebrate the drink’s inherent fluidity in terms of borders or categorisation.

So High Sea Spirits’ mission is:

• To discover the actual routes of distillation in Ireland and Scotland, thereby revealing where whisk(e)y really did come from.

•To establish Dal Riada as the foremost whisk(e)y region in the world.

• To dissect the distillate of this region and determine what defines it.

We are embarking on this wonderful voyage of discovery with regular blog posts on our website and we are prepared to have the world of whisk(e)y turned upside down as we delve into the Mysteries of the Malt.

Whether you choose to participate in our adventure to define the essence of whisk(e)y – either virtually here on our website or physically by joining us on our regular tasting trips across the Sea of Moyle – we’d like to welcome you aboard for the voyage.

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